1. For the past few years, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into a charity organization called Comic Book Characters for Causes. We started with just a few people collecting donations in a cheesy-poofs bucket for kids in need at local comic conventions. Over time, we’ve grown into a licensed WA state non-profit, started volunteering in the local community, and have met many fantastic people who have donated their skills and time to furthering our cause. Pooling together our resources, we’ve been able to pay for space at local ‘con’s and offer a photo booth experience with professional photographers. Every year, we grow, attend more events, volunteer more time with kids, and are able to make a bigger difference. 
    While the phrase “Every little bit helps” is definitely true (and trust me, I’ve seen it in action), we want to eventually, with luck, make an epic difference in pediatric wellness. Frustratingly, though, our road-blockers are funds. We don’t take any percentage of donations for operating costs - it all comes out-of-pocket. (“Spend money to make money” is also unfortunately a true phrase, even for charities). We’re coming up on a point in our growth cycle where we’re going to need to pay more than what we can pool together, but we’re putting our brains together to think of great fundraising ideas!
    So, if you’re wondering “How can I help?”, or just want to send us positive vibes in our journey, head over to our Facebook page to keep up with current news & events. Hopefully, we can rock a fundraiser or two soon. If you’ve got specific ideas on how to help, or have questions about our charity, I definitely welcome them! Shoot me an email - kristen@cbc4c.org
    As seen in the pictures above, we love kids! I mean, who doesn’t like seeing a big smile on a little face? So, in the meantime, we’ll still be putting on our capes & boots to help in all the ways we can, from collecting funds, to visiting pediatric programs, to simply just being that friendly hero that kids can take pictures with at a comic con. Thanks for your support! <3

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